Monday, October 3, 2011

Anyone can create a card!

I wanted to prove that a card can be made inexpensively without having to possess any special skills.  This card is just a simple card & envelope set that I found in a bargain store (6 in a pack), the leaves and berries were removed from a wreath (Dollarama) and glued on the card front with a little 'Tacky' glue.

As for the inside, using MS Word, I typed a simple sentiment that I found on the Internet, changing the font to a pretty one, and added a clipart also found on the Internet.  I then tore the paper edges and adhered it with a glue stick (don’t use white glue on paper as it will cause it to buckle).  That’s all there is to it! 
Now, can it get any easier?  As for cost, I would have to guess at less than $0.25, and that includes the envelope!

A colorful autumn wreath found at Dollarama.

A few selected leaves embellished with berries is enough to make a simple and pretty card.

The sentiment was printed on my computer in MS Word, using simple clipart.
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