Monday, April 23, 2012

Going to the wild side!

I have always adored animal prints, particularly faux fur.  One of my 'to do' projects is make a faux fur bedspread.  Unfortunately, my cat loves the faux fur as well!

Here are some projects that I came up with, using scrap faux fur from a pillow I just made.  I also went really wild and added some feathers, some of my copper work and what ever else I could find.  I have also just acquired a bag of real leather and have been incorporating that in other projects.

A faux fur medallion combined with a copper scroll. The fur was adhered with spray glue to a piece of arborite.

Here is a 'matching' card, using a scrap of leather, some faux fur and a hammered copper embellishment.  The background paper has spots of bleach on it give it a primitive look. 

Here is the set -- this would make a great gift...when I'm ready to part with it!

More faux fur with moire (satin) background.  These are buttons from a bargain bin, I just ground down the hasps on the back.

Still more of the faux fur, this time I added some feathers (Dollarama) and another neat button.  These make terrific embellishments, just cut off the hasp on the back, and grind it down (or use sandpaper).  It almost looks like steampunk.

Monday, April 2, 2012

Jewelry making has taken over!

While I haven't posted in quite a while, it doesn't mean I've been devoid of interests!  I took an introductory course in metalworking in jewelry and have not looked back.  Armed with a world of You Tube instruction videos, I've amassed a whole world of knowledge in the world of metal working.  All my paper supplies, embossing powders, and stamps have been lonely and silent, but my workshop is anything but quiet.  My husband LOVES buying new tools and has found a whole new realm in Harbour Freight (USA).  Now my worktable is covered in hammers, torches, pliers, metal pieces, wire and chemicals.  I love it!  I can usually be found hammering away as I just love the way metal can become so pliable when heated.  A few bangs with the hammer, and it soon becomes hard again. 

I've been learning about making jewelry with beads, but that just isn't my thing.  I prefer to make something from a piece of copper sheeting or wire and watch it evolve.  While my fingers seem to love cardmaking, they just won't work when trying to work with small clasps, jump rings and findings.  Bring on the hammer and my Viking blood takes over!

Here are a couple of samples of what I've been working on.  Some pieces I'd rather not post, as these are original creations, and I hope to start selling some soon.

This copper medallion was stamped then shaped using a 'dapping tool'.

This took a bit of practice in learning to solder copper and brass.
A few beads with shaped silver and copper wires.  Very easy to make.

This was fun to make, I incorporated bits of colored wire and tried some triangle swirls.  Still experiementing!
A close up -- very simple bracelet to create!