Sunday, July 1, 2012

Going Card Crazy!

I've gotten into working with metals and making copper jewellery which has consumed for a few months.  However, nothing could ever replace my real true love, making cards (after my hubby of course...).  I find my ideas start soaring and I can't make them fast enough so I can go on to the next technique.  I follow tons of blogs and when I try out a new technique, more ideas just pour out. 

Remember the brass embossing stencils we used BEFORE cuttlebug?  What to do with them?  Well, I discovered a really cool technique:  Using a superfine glitter, you can use your double sided tape, brass stencil, and most importantly, a soap bar.  Rub the soap bar on the back of  your stencil or the tape will stick to it and ruin your design (I tried it without the soap - yuk).

This is a real fun card using super fine glitter.

A close up of the glitter, now you can use your brass stencils again.

Another glitter card - more conservative.  I used some metallic zig zag trim.

A close up of the glitter technique.