Sunday, August 11, 2013

Holey Rocks

I've been having a blast lately with my diamond bit drills, making holes in rocks and glass.  There are a few tricks involved, namely you have to use water when drilling.  I have my dremel drill set up in a drill press and place my rocks or glass on a piece of modeling clay, which is then set on a small piece of wood in a clear plastic container which is filled with water.  Of course you have to be very careful when dealing with electricity and water!

The other trick is to use hollow core diamond drill bits.  Hollow cores are just that -- they are hollow and can drill large holes without breakage or chipping.  You have to use water or the tiny diamond flakes will burn off your bit.  I'll post more, but this is the first complete project I can show you.  I made a shell necklace set, but that was sold before I could even get a picture.

I added a bit of heat patina copper wire and tubing, some old wood beads and cool piece of driftwood.  I already have a commission to make another one!

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