Saturday, January 3, 2015

Using Inexpensive Materials

You can find materials for jewelry almost anywhere!  These are copper washers that I picked up at Harbour Freight in the US, but you can probably find these in many hardware/tool stores.  I know some stores are discontinuing them due to copper prices increasing, so grab them while you can.

Friday, January 2, 2015

Etching Made Easy

I've also delved into the world of etching metal.  A serious technique, care must be taken by way of gloves, mask and good ventilation.  I use Ferric chloride as an etchant and am still learning as I go.  You can use Sharpie markers as a resist, or Stazon permanent ink.  On this brass star, I used Stazon with a rubber stamp.  What ever you don't want etched, you need to put on a resist.  I also color the entire back of the piece with permanent ink (comes off after with alcohol), or burnish clear, good quality packing tape on the back.  Remember, don't ever pour this acid down the sink, it will corrode your copper pipes!  Proper disposal by way of collecting in a container and bringing to the local waste facility is a must.

Copper Crazy

I've really been in to the jewelry lately but did take time out to make my annual Christmas cards.  My metal working has taken over now and my skills are constantly evolving, thanks mainly to the Internet and a couple of metal working groups I've recently joined on Facebook.  Great advice out there.

Here's a copper frame I created a while ago, and since I did not put any lacquer or wax on it, the colours have darkened with some interesting changes.  A great use for an old frame!