Thursday, August 20, 2015

Cecil the Lion

We had an old plaster lion's head that hung outside and of course became quite weather worn.  I decided to give it a new life and spray painted it with Tremclad metal paint - copper color, two coats.  After drying, it was glazed (or antiqued) with a mixture of black and brown Tremclad (liquid not spray), wiping it off quickly to enhance the features.  A bit of scuff sanding with 0000 steel wool and sprayed a light layer of Krylon clear coat.  Tremclad is an oudoor paint and doesn't require sealing but a light clear coat was applied to tone down the gloss of the copper Tremclad.

Since I was working on this at my patio table in the great outdoors during the time of Cecil's untimely death, I named the final result after that magnificent creature.  Live on, Cecil. 

Cecil - Before

Cecil - After (love his warrior scar on his nose)